Monday, 15 March 2010

Poor Cochin

One of the Cochins is unwell, she is the one who was grabbed by that dog just before the dog fled and she has some feathers missing on her back but it's not easy to tell as she has such thick feathers..
We were worried about her as she wasn't eating at first but we still don't think she has eaten and is very weak. She has had a bath today and a hair drying - she loved that, it really chills them out and now she is in he dog crate with her face over a bowl of garden blend, poultry spice and dried mealworms.
She hasn't touched it, nor the water. We have syringed some sugared water in but she didn't really want it.
So Sad, I can't even tell if she is Ting Tong or Desiree as she is a shadow of her former self. :-(

Update 20.15- still v poorly, not eaten or drank even goodies and we think she is ting tong.


Lincs Little Hens



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