Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Midnightish Tues-Weds update

Still no improvement from Ting Tong Magadangdang.

We now have some Complan and Battles Poultry tonic but can only syringe to her as she has lost all will to eat or drink. Even having her sister in the crate with her hasn't given her the nudge she needs.
Both her legs are working but she won't stand so when she messes, she sits in it so is hard work as she is a ball of feathers.

The picture above is her in better days when I 1st got her for Lyns last birthday.
It is so sad watching her with no improvement, knowing she cannot carry on like this. Lyn has prepared herself for the worst but she will be gutted if she dies too after all the ones we have lost because of that dog.

Battery Hens have such an awful first 2 years or so yet are strong and recover quickly and lay constantly whereas Ting Tong being a pure-breed Cochin, I expect has had a good life prior to coming to us. She was an adult when we got her so don't know her age but to watch her with her head hung low, not eating, drinking or even shuffling around, it is tempting to put her out of her misery BUT we have had battery hens in worse condition, especially Pickle who made a FULL and fantastic recovery from being squashed illegally in a cage of 8 hens in the farm! Lyn helped her constantly and as with so many, had to teach her to walk and even drink and eat from the containers we use. Battery hens are not used to having constant food so they go mad at first like it's their last supper, Ting Tong has NEVER had to fight for food, be squashed or go through anything until when our son caught that dog just on the verge of killing her after it had already killed 8 birds so was just killing for fun, rather like a fox would.
As she has no physical wound, and we have examined her from top to toe, whilst wet as easier (I bathed her a few days ago) she just must be so traumatised and the dog attack happened on the 5th March so is 11 days ago now and we do not know if she has eaten anything since.

Am dreading the next update. The first thing Lyn checks in the morning is if she is moving and also several times in the day.
I hope for good news and would love her to just summon the strength to eat or stand but I fear this won't be the case.


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