Monday, 26 April 2010

Update after a long time......(upsetting)

Phew, it has been a mad couple of months with the neighbour from hells' dog killing some of our birds. Ting Tong has survived and is back to normal and I'd like to say Thankyou to Callum Eglen who sorted some new pets out for our daughter after the attack.

All our chooks are enclosed now, which is a shame (We thought they were safe with a 6ft fence while we were here, but nope) we still need more framework and mesh to enlarge their area.

Our neighbour never paid any compensation for the damage his dog caused and will be receiving a legal letter this week reminding him of his acceptance of responsibility and signing to that effect a policemans pocket book. I have the policemans details and we WILL take legal action, especially after said neighbours dogs went on a rampage in their own garden last week killing rabbits and chickens in full view of my children from their bedroom. How I miss listening to their cockerels at 5am and knowing one of them suffered as my children then saw it keep trying to get up until the dog saw it move and finished it off. It was horrific and I called both the Police and RSPCA. The RSPCA officer looked over our fence (and said they looked like a bloodthirsty pack) and he saw the carnage BUT to make matters worse, it was a lurcher type dog killed our fowl BUT this time it was a Jack Russell and a Staffy and when the owner returned, he killed the Staffy, not the Jack Russell who had played Tug o war using a rabbit against the Staffy. My 13 year old son witnessed the neighbour pick up the Staffy with a deep gash to its throat, how traumatic is that to a child brought up as an animal lover?
I really hope the neighbour from hell is banned from keeping animals for life!! I have quite a collection of police crime numbers now. I cannot abide cruelty to animals at all and it wasn't the dogs faults, it was the irresponsible owners.
PS We have also had the lurcher visit us twice more but it jumped over in the wrong place and ended up in our own dog enclosure. We held is hostage inside all day (quite a nice dog for a killer) but sadly my o/h gave it back in the evening which I said is a shame as it's like a revolving door. Dog goes home, dog comes is now chained up in a tiny cage and the RSPCA inspector saw it and wants it because he says it has no life.......I suppose it does when it's off hare coursing with the other lurcher AARRGGHH

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