Friday, 30 April 2010

Small claims court

I have just spoken to a police officer regarding "dog man" and apparently because we were reasonable and gave him chance to pay rather than getting the police to act straight away, we effectively made it a "civil matter" so if he doesn't pay up by the 13th May which is the date we have given him, we have to take him to the small claims court but have been told we cannot lose and will be reimbursed our expenses too.

It is to annoying when we were trying to help him, so as a warning to anyone else, act instantly- if you want compensation for injury/damage caused by someone else or their animal, insist the Officer sorts it there and then and they get prosecuted.

I have printed off the court forms in anticipation of him not paying up and don't mind paying the court fees as I will be awarded them back anyway. Just so annoying that our police are crap!

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