Friday, 30 April 2010

Thankyou to Ria and Neil

Thankyou so much to Ria and Neil for your generous donation to Lincs Little Hens which will go towards making these hens safer from the killer dog (OR) the Eglu fund as they are brilliant for hens like Ivy (who was sadly killed by THAT dog).
I haven't seen the particular dog in a while but the RSPCA Inspector saw him in a cage with a chain on and he said it's got no life so hopefully he will try and get the neighbours to sign it over to them, but I am unsure if they would as word has it they are hare coursers and they are well known to have no feeling whatsoever, and are of course breaking the law regarding hunting with dogs!
I don't think we will ever rest easy until the neighbour has moved out!

Lincs Little Hens


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