Thursday, 29 April 2010

It's taken some time......

.....but a letter will be hand delivered to our neighbour whose dog killed some of our hens during March. He has still no made no effort whatsoever to pay the £150 compensation we asked for, for the damage to the house and the dead show birds of my daughters. Some ex battery hens perished too but we couldn't put a price on their value and obviously they meant a lot to us but weren't worth much financially.
The amount we requested covered the show birds but not the new roof on the chicken house so I think we were very lenient.
Anyway the letter today will also be CC'd to Lincolnshire police along with photographic evidence of the dog which killed our chooks on our premises recently.
Obviously I shall also mention the recent events in their garden too with other dogs of theirs running wild killing small animals and chickens.

I WILL GET JUSTICE FOR THE BIRDS! £150 doesn't cover naff all but he would want some if my dogs had killed his animals, and rightly so. He needs to think about his irresponsibilities as a pet owner and if we have to hit him where it hurts, as in his wallet, then so be it.

Lincs Little Hens


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